Tuesday, 30 January 2007


Hey - apparently 183 people have read this blog since I set off for Nairobi. Or, at least, it's been accessed from 183 different computers over that time (not counting my own logins), which I have chosen to interpret as equating directly to that many readers, and which totally smashes my completely abitrary and meaningless target of 100 WSF blog readers. Hurrah!

So many thanks to you all. I got back to the UK this morning, after an overnight flight of joy, and still haven't slept so am in a slightly odd daze. Sometime in the next few days I'll post my summary and analysis of the WSF process and what the major social movements seem to be up to, coz I know you're all clamouring for it.

I probably wont be able to resist putting up some safari pictures as well. I saw lions, and baby cheetahs, and fed a giraffe (not to the lions and cheetahs). These things made me happy. This is a picture of an elephant that I saw:

Just in case you weren't sure what one looked like.

Best wishes to all,

D x


NT said...


Catching up on your posts from the World Social Forum and at the same time listening to the live simulcast of the final day of the Jeddah Economic Forum, which is taking place here in Saudi Arabia. I can't tell you how hilarious it is to read with my eyes about Kenyans storming the forum for free and to hear through my headphones privatization being called "the indispensable tool"!

A friendly reminder to please post your conclusions from Kenya so that I can compare them to the recommendations that will be published for Jeddah by uppity professionals at the London Business School :)

Oooh Lech Walesa is now speaking!

Cheers xx

Eve said...

Danny-- cool to hear your thoughts on the forum!...true that some parts were amazing but that the commercialisation was worrying, esp when it involved armed guards wandering about the venue! was great meeting you...hope your trip home went well and that we'll catch up sometime in the future!