Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Wednesday 24th January, 7.30pm, Media Centre, Moi International Sports Complex

Yesssss internet access! Time to post the backlog of posts so that the posting is done with respect to the posts that I am posting, post-haste.

I've sneaked into the Media Centre by pretending to be Jess (don't ask) and so have a very short time in which to update you.

Amazing piece of street theatre to draw people into the "Extractive Industries" workshop, with one guy pretending to be a miner, and the other playing a brutal guard (with a large water-pistol)

Oh my word. Another extraordinary day. I've seen - and met - people from across the globe who are struggling against a huge range of challenges that often seem to have common roots in the current international economic system. I've sat in a room full of Africans declaring their desire to fight for independence from global aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS, calling instead for trade rules that make the treatments they need affordable, and an end to the corruption (in which Northern governments are frequently complicit) that is crippling their health systems. I've been involved in the most frustrating meeting on climate change I've ever been in, immersed myself in Brazilian propaganda, joined an international network of student activists even though I'm not a student, and somehow ended up making a speech in front of the entire Mass Assembly of Social Movements.

The Mongolian delegation with his placard.

The whole place has become so much more lively since all the Kenyans were allowed in, and the place is buzzing with local hawkers, spontaneous singing, and groups of fascinated street children.

Obligatory picture of cute kid being political

Exhausted now. Going to be kicked out. WSF is over, but I will look for an internet cafe tomorrow so I have time to tell these stories properly and give you a proper flavour of the World Social Forum, Nairobi, and all the amazing things that are happening here.

I have no idea what is going on here, but it looks brilliant.

Dammit, I wish I'd been there when the local Kenyans invaded the catering facilities coz they were being run by a dodgy government-linked company. It sounded fantastic.

General positive African vibes to you all,


I cannot fully explain why this picture makes me so happy.

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