Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Sunday 21stJanuary, 4.25pm, Moi International Sports Complex

Yes! We’ve got hold of a programme, and it seems that there ARE a load of joining-things-together sessions on Wednesday, so I take back what I said in that earlier post about it all being single issues (at least for now).

This season, the South East Asian peasant hat is definitely in. Seriously, everyone is wearing these things.

I’m in the Oxfam Office here, and they seem to have internet access, so I might even be able to post some stuff – time to start the eyelash-fluttering.

Favourite slogan of the day: “Repudiate Now!” (from the Jubilee South anti-debt campaign):

Best impenetrable jargon of the day so far: “Let’s start dialoguing across these dilemmas”

Best product advertised (though not apparently on sale): Mecca-Cola

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