Monday, 12 March 2007

Global Yawning

Hey all,

Are you, like me, unbelievably bored with having to counter all the same dull arguments from the anti-human-induced-climate-change brigade every time there's another over-sensationalised Channel 4 documentary featuring the remaining handful of contrarians who make their living spouting this nonsense? Just in case you are, this is my favourite website for dealing with it:

Every misinformed argument about solar flares, water vapour, advancing ice, and historical warming cycles is countered in a clear, friendly way, then chopped up into little bits and thrown into a volcano (it explains about volcanic CO2 emissions as well). It's a little US-focused, but has good references and further reading for everything. It's pretty user-friendly, so sometimes I just send people straight there rather than spend ages trying to explain things myself.

Then, if you need to cheer yourself up after all of that, you can always have a look at this climate change solution from local Oxfordshire genius Noel Hodson:

The best thing is, he seems to be serious. The only flaw I can see in his otherwise perfect plan is: what happens if there’s a mass outbreak of zombies that can only be destroyed by fire? That would release all of that carbon that would otherwise be locked up safely in those corpses FOREVER. Hence my new campaign: "Invest In Zombie-Freezing Technology NOW".

In other news: I'm now in a band. It's quite exciting. Plus, the desperate attempts to write more poetry are getting increasingly fevered as the date of the Hammer and Tongue poetry slam final approaches...


There's a giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi. You can feed the giraffes. I probably don't need to explain just how great that is.

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