Thursday, 13 November 2008

This Might Actually Work

Time for a short personal update.

Looking ahead at the looming recession, with uncertain and turbulent financial times ahead, there was clearly only one sensible thing to do.

I've quit my job.

This is because those uncertain and turbulent financial times will be as nothing to the disastrous and terrifying climatic times ahead if we don't all get our act together and sort out climate change. So I've decided to leave my job and spend more time campaigning. Also, I was getting a little tired of spreadsheets and wanted to give the performance poetry a proper go.

This was pretty nerve-wracking at first - I can live very happily on little disposable income but there are still bills to pay. It all seems to be working out OK so far though. In fact, I'm as busy as ever, even if I'm only being paid for a small amount of all that busyness...

I've written a piece for the January issue of New Internationalist about what the Copenhagen talks mean for climate justice - if anyone wants the lowdown on what's being discussed at the international climate talks, drop me a line coz I've been up to my eyeballs in it for weeks. Then on Monday I ran a series of workshops and did a presentation and a poem at a schools climate change conference in Hampshire, which was brilliant - loads of enthusiastic young people up for taking action. I'm definitely going to do more of this kind of thing.

I'm waiting to hear back from a couple of funding bids that might set some other projects in motion, working on a long-overdue poetry CD, mucking in with various bits of campaigning and planning a possible fundraising tour for People & Planet - I'll post details here if it comes together.

It's bloody hard work, this not-having-a-job thing.

In other news, researching a company's environmental credentials apparently makes you an eco-terrorist, and coal-burning climate-wreckers E.ON have been scared away from careers fairs by student protesters. Excellent.


Calvin Jones said...

Awesome non-work danny! Best of luck with that. I'd do the same if i was anywhere near a smart as you.

p.s is now number 5 in google under the search term 'eon'

zoe said...

best of luck danny!