Friday, 28 March 2008

More Poetry Shenanigans

Right. Sorry for the infrequent posts - since January, I've been mixed up in this as well as this and this which have absorbed a lot of my time and energy...

I am working on something rather interesting that I will post here soon. Honest.

In the meantime, it's all kicking off poetry-wise: I'm performing tomorrow at a Gappy Tooth Industries gig (poetry before and between the bands - it'll either be great or a disaster, I can't wait to discover which). Then on Wednesday 2nd April I'm doing two gigs in one night - "Re:Versing The Damage" with Hammer & Tongue and Climate Xchange, and then "Ha Ha From The Madding Crowd" as part of Oxfringe, which will be my first attempt to perform at a comedy night. Again, glory or failure awaits - why not come along and find out which?

Also, rather awesomely, Radio New Internationalist are using one of my poems in their current show - it's broadcast from loads of different stations all around the world, and is also available online right here. Radio NI is always fascinating and informative listening and I totally recommend it (with or without the inclusion of my own cheesy verses).

A regular post with the more usual ranting in will follow soon.


Anonymous said...

c02 is good, climate change is ok, humans are small ants compared to the planet.

Unknown said...

Hey Danny. I saw you perform at Glastonbury and it was really good to hear your poetry, especially Don't Buy It.

Anyways, keep up the good work (and update regularly ;-) )