Wednesday, 17 October 2007

What I Did On My Lunch Break

This is a video.

It happened on Monday as part of a National Day of Action against the Royal Bank of Scotland. At least 25 different actions happened all over the country. I'm feeling rather inspired by it all.


Anonymous said...

Sure keep ignoring that the Bank of England owns all the central banks in the world and prints all the money.

Keep with the issues that don't matter like man made global warming.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I saw you at Interdependance day yesterday. It was very funny :o)

Danny said...

Thanks Helen - really glad you enjoyed it! I'll take this opportunity for some shameless plugging: you can get hold of a great political poetry anthology (book and CD) called "This Poem Is Sponsored By..." (which just happens to include some of my poetry) at And you can always keep an eye on my blog for news of upcoming performances!

Right. Filthy self-promotion over. Normal service will be resumed shortly.